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Our Mission

Our Mission

The Big Picture

Jesus gave every church a mission, and he sent the Holy Spirit to empower his churches to accomplish it. We know it’s our responsibility to build up believers and help them follow Jesus. Our leaders work to equip all the congregation to spread the gospel message that Jesus is King. He offers forgiveness to all who turn from rebellion against him to trust and hope in him alone.

That means we want to lead people in the Cedar Park area and faraway places to follow Jesus to their last breath. We believe that God can use ordinary people like us as his instruments to accomplish extraordinary tasks. We pray that God’s Spirit would enable us to spread the gospel, strengthen & equip disciples, train pastors, and plant churches both in our region and in cities across the globe.

How We Do It

We don’t organize a lot of programs or events designed to build our church’s visibility in the community. Those things can be useful, but we focus first on helping everyone know how to open the Word of God, then point people to Christ and everyone’s need for him. We want our whole church to be able both to encourage our brothers and sisters to follow Christ, and to introduce unchurched people to his grace. You could call this discipleship.

How do we equip people? Several ways, some of which are informal. We offer specialized training classes and groups. More traditional small groups fill a role as well. We team up to create “on-the-job” training to build relationships in our community. And we provide leadership and teaching opportunities for more people than just the pastors.

We’ll try not to fill your calendar with events and jobs. We will teach that all of us exist, not for our own ambitions, but to accomplish our God-given mission. Jesus deserves worship more than we deserve comfort and ease.


We could never figure out how to spread the gospel and plant churches across the globe on our own. We partner with lots of other churches in a variety of ways. These include local, regional, and international church planting, as well as pastoral training. We have strategic relationships in places like Asheville, North Carolina, Houston, Central Asia, and the Middle East, and with organizations like Training Leaders International, 9Marks, the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention.

Will you join us in this mission?